If Servers Were Honest

“Yes, I caught you staring at my boobs. No, they are not on the menu.”

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After Midnight
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The Most Hilarious Restaurant Runner In History

This is Paul Charles Dozsa, Sydney’s most famous restaurant runner. He had 54 convictions for failing to pay for his meals.

If I had ever had the chance to serve Mr. Dozsa and he had decided to walk out on his meal, I don’t think I could even be mad at the guy. I would simply let him enjoy his “succulent Chinese meal” for free any day…as long as he talked to me with his beautiful, eloquent voice the entire time…

How To Become Gluten Intolerant – HILARIOUS!

Being gluten free used to be a luxury only reserved for those who are intolerant to gluten. With this cutting edge gluten educational video, you can become gluten intolerant too, whether or not you’re actually intolerant to gluten. In the new age, if you’re not living gluten free, you’re getting left behind. Here’s your chance to jump on the new age conscious band wagon!

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