There Was A Wait To Sit, So We Sat Ourselves

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Had the worst experience tonight at your leesburg location. Terrible hostess who wouldn’t sit me and my family due to a group of 21 in front of us, while having 5 booths in the dining room that we had to point out to her. Finally just sat ourselves, and let the waitress know we were there. After changing 3 different waiters and waiting 10 minutes the pat person came to get our drink order. After ordering and our food taking over 25 mins for a kids meal and one of your salmon and steak platters. Steaks cooked medium/medium well when ordered rare. But we start to eat anyways because we are so hungry. My wife starts eating mashed potatoes, and she find a nice long burnt price of something unidentifiable in it. So after two bites we are both turned off and disgusted. Manager offered to make us another one but we had our fill also known its probably gonna take another 15-20 mins to get out we paid for my sons meal and left. This has been the worst dining experience I’ve ever had. I WILL NEVER EAT AT YOUR LEESBURG LOCATION AGAIN!! And will never recommend it to anyone.

I’m Waiting On You – A Song Dedicated To The Restaurant Industry (VIDEO)

I wrote this song for all of the hard working people in the restaurant industry. Being a server myself, I have heard from many, and have experienced first hand, annoyances that waiters and waitress’s go through everyday. In this song, I talk about rude and indecisive guests, rampaging boss’s, general lack of respect, and the toll it can all take on your body at the end of the day. Music and art are my true passions in life. In this song I was able to blend the thing that I love to do (which is play and write music), with the thing that I HAVE to do (which is waiting on tables). So far, I have seen an amazing response from people and this song continues to spread. Let’s keep it going folks, and get the word out. SERVERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!!!

Thank you so much


The Dreaded LongHorn Wait


Jared: I had the worse experience ever at the longhorn in Marlborough mass. I called ahead and was told there was no wait then when I got there I was told there was a 25 min wait when it only toke me 5 mins to get there. then the hostest Stephanie was very rude and when I asked to talk to the manger she said I can talk to her about the problem. I will never go to any longhorn ever again and I will tell everyone I know not to go to longhorn because of the experience I had last night. I am so disappointed in you guys

It only takes 5 minutes for 5+ tables to walk in the door and get ahead of you…

Restaurant Seating And Reservations

I’m confused. My wife and I had a short notice opportunity to eat out at a favorite restaurant. She called and easily got a reservation for 7:30 PM, two hours hence.

When we arrived the restaurant was running a little late but we were told we would be seated ASAP. I understood and we waited. Meanwhile, a couple of other parties entered the restaurant and were seated before us.

When I asked the hostess when those parties had reservations, I was told 7:30 PM, the same as me. When I questioned her why they were seated first, she stated it was because they had made their reservations two weeks prior.

Now, I could understand if we had arrived at the same time that they should get the first seating, but we were first. Am I wrong in being upset or is this normal practice?

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I Will Not Be Treated Like A 2nd Class Citizen For Being Canadian!



Lousy food, sh*t service, non-existant customer service…We only visit 3-4 times a year, but the last time was the worst-visit-ever!!!!!
On New Year’s Eve, we sat at our table for over 10min before anyone even came by (I was SECONDS away from pounding the table w/the salt shaker to get some service)…”This isn’t my section, I just noticed you” (says the incompetant rube who came by) before taking our order.
The place was nearly empty when we sat down (6:45pm) yes, we DID see the manager…a guy wearing a purple shirt, glasses, and had a bit of his belly fat dropping out…from a distance, talking at some other table, away from us.
Our drink orders came 15min after we’d asked for them, and our FOOD…again, we were seconds away from walking away then 7 there it was so bad. (Have you ever ordered a chicken dish that tasted like FISH?!?)
Oh, the server DID ask how our food was—10 SECONDS AFTER IT ARRIVED!!! The rest of the time????
We’ve been regular customers at D&B for the past 5yrs, but this is the last straw! We don’t expect our asses to be kissed, but we would appreciate a little respect, and NOT be treated like 2nd or 3rd class citizens, just because we happen to be Canadian!
And as for the feedback line, don’t get me started on that! (Let’s just say, I’d have better luck talking to a brick wall…Sort of like this pointless exercise right now.
You’ve proven you don’t care what anybody thinks at all, just so long as the money keeps rolling in.

Sounds like someone needs to remove the stick from their arse…eh?