What Part Of “We Do Not Take Reservations” Do You Not Understand?



Tonight it was my Mom’s 79th birthday. We decided that the whole family would go to Red Lobster for the evening. We had about 25 people. We called and they told us they didn’t take reservations, but if we would just come earlier than the 6:30pm time we requested that they would take our name and begin lining up tables to accommodate us. It was snowing pretty bad tonight and the roads slowed everyone down, still we all managed to arrive at 6:15pm only to be informed by management that because we weren’t there at 6pm they gave the couple of tables they began to save away and that it would be a 45 minute wait before they could have enough room to seat us. The Manager actually told us, “All the restaurants are going to be that long of a wait…it IS New Years Day!!?
At that point we called Logan’s Steak House which was across the street. They said they’d be happy to have us and would seat us immediately! We drove right over and enjoyed a great meal at a great restaurant who found a way to accommodate the $500 tab we brought to them! It’s little things like this that put Red Lobster out of business.

You Need To Turn Tables Faster So I Don’t Have To Wait



A two hour wait for a lunch seating does not mean you are an awesome brand. It means you care NOTHING about your patrons. If you cannot turn tables quick enough during lunch to prevent a two hour wait, than what are you doing? AGAIN: these pretentious wait times do not equal awesome. They equal operational failure.

We Only Had An Hour For 20 People




I love our local Applebees in Bloomsburg Pa but yesterday I was returning home from a bus trip to NY city and we stopped in NJ at Applesbees for dinner. We had an hour before we had to be back at the bus. It took 30 minutes to get a drink and when our meal came it was time to get on the bus so we had to throw it in a take out container and take it on a 3 hr bus ride back home – very disappointed!!


there were only 20 of us and they were not busy at all

I had to wait 10 minutes to be seated!



Worst customer service EVER!!! Waited for 10 minutes to be seated. You guys just lost good guests.
Oh, no, 10 minutes? Oh, Angel, I’m so sorry for your loss. In those 10 minutes, someone of your caliber could have accomplished any number of things. Why, Angel, you could have cured cancer, or written a dissertation and received your doctorate, or ran a marathon. You could have finally written the Great American Novel, or worked on your gene splicing theories. Instead, a restaurant you were trying to eat at had a 10 minute wait. A sad state of affairs indeed.

Waited Two Hours To Be Seated…Expects Food To Be Served Within 20 Minutes Once Seated…



We went to the cheesecake factory at Baybrook in the Houston area in January. We were thee at 7pm and was told it would be 3 hours before we could get a table. WE LEFT.
We went to the same cheese cake factory tonight. We got there at 6:45. It was after 8:30 before we were seated. There were a bunch of us wanting to celebrate a birthday. It was after 8:30 before we got a table. It took the waiter 20 minutes to get out water and tea and start taking our orders. After 9pm we ask him about our food??? He said he would go check. We told him not to wait until all was ready to go ahead a start bringing it. He finally got the table set. I did not order because it was too late for me to eat. My husband ordered a mushroom burger and salad, not wanting to eat anything real heavy that late. We ask where his burger was. Would you believe the waiter forgot to order his. So we sat there and watched everyone else eat. They wanted to go get him something but it would have been after 10pm before he got served. FORGET IT! We will NEVER go back there again. NEVER. And I will tell this story to everyone we see. SERVICE was terrible. They kept seating people behind us. We kept asking and they kept saying we were next. WHEN NEXT YEAR. Cheesecake factory in BAYBROOK you get a “F”.


You wait 2 hours to be seated and then complain when you don’t get your food within 20 minutes…priceless…


Wait, so you weren’t seated until after 8:30, had “a bunch” of people in your party, and were already complaining about your food taking too long at 9? You’re a special brand of evil, aren’t you?