Why Does One Have To Wait Hours To Eat A Good Meal?



My husband and I were never able to eat at your place because of the waiting line. Toooo long and tooo much time wasted !! Not just him, who is from Austria, nor me, American, were able to understand that one has to wait hours to eat a good meal. I make a steak at home that was ssooo good !! with onions, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, gravy, and all the rest !! I am such a good cook !!! I donĀ“t ever have to wait at your place again……..

I Have Never Refused To Wait On A Table…Until Today…

Since I’ve been working as a server I have NEVER refused to wait on a table.. until today. I was coming off of my break (because we were slow) and there’s a party of three sitting at a table with their drinks and no menus. They’re looking around as if they’re lost and I ask the host if anyone had gotten to them. He was new, so I can’t really blame him but he replied, “no I just took their drinks.”. Okay, cool.

So I approach this table with three menus and start to introduce myself, I’m all smiles and have a cheerful tone. I apologize if they had been waiting too long, I told them I asked about to them and came over as soon as I was told they hadn’t been helped until suddenly– the woman at the table cuts me off.

“We don’t need menus. We told that guy when we got here we were ready to order and no one has came by you’re all just running around here.”

“I really do apologize for that, I just got off break and I’d be happy to help you.”

Then she starts making all kinds of ugly, personal attacks on me. Telling me how bad my hair looked, how nasty we were. Yet…we’re so nasty, she makes this personal attack and proceeds to say, “I’m going to give you my order but-” and continues with the attack. After a while I get really sick and tired of this shit so I say with a smile, “You know what.. I will NOT be serving you today. I’ll go get my manager.” Because at this point she’s treating me horribly and for what reason? We just met, I didn’t ruin her life.

In any case the boss talks to her and she starts personally attacking him too! Seriously, what is wrong with this lady?! Well, I had pretty much all my tables around her and I hoped it burned her up that all my tables were smiling, laughing and talking with me. Her petty insults didn’t bother me at all, and even as she was insulting me I just smiled to her face. Nice as I possibly could be, but I could just not serve this woman.