Giving My Child A Few Sips Of Alcohol Is Perfectly Okay

Giving My Child A Few Sips Of Alcohol Is Perfectly Okay

Cara: How do you feel about parents giving drinks of alcoholic beverages to children, in this particular case the baby couldn’t have been more then 6 months. We had to literally send a manager to the table to ask them to stop. This is the note they left…

Note Reads:

To Whom It May Concern:
Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.69
Children can legally drink with their parents if underage.

Giving my child a few sips of beer is perfectly ok, however letting them drink pop or have candy can have long term negative effects to their health. Concern yourself with things that matter. Thanks for the food.

Signed The Black Guy

Signed The Black Guy

After receiving bad service, a customer left this unexpected note and tip behind for his server…

Note Reads:

Dear Patricia T,

I am attempting to show you more kindness and attention than you showed me today. I have also arranged to buy your meal during your shift with your manager as well. I was once a server and I know it sucks! I had crappy days and bad tippers but never gave attitude. It was always about guarding my words and actions and rising to the job I was hired to do. Take the money and buy a snickers.


“The black guy they sat in your section and you didn’t want to serve because the don’t tip”

Have you ever adjusted your service based on a stereotype?

A Day In The Life Of A Server, Part 5

A Day In The Life Of A Server, Part 5

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My coworkers and me in the weeds…


When a customer bitches about not being able to order from the lunch menu at 5pm…


When the POS System keeps freezing up on me…


When someone tells me I should be okay with not getting tipped after giving great service…


When I have to work the morning shift and haven’t had my coffee yet…


If a coworker asks me if I’m okay during a rush…


What a demanding customer may as well say to all of the other customers in the restaurant…


What I want to say to the coworker who always has some dramatic story to talk about on every shift…


How customers act about free bread (but not as cute)…


When I have to work on Christmas Day…


When a customer is a complete asshole to me for his entire meal and then his card declines when he tries to pay…


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