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Yelp Review of Company Pub & Kitchen in Poway , California by John K.:

Good food, but lack basic manners.

Food is good, but my fiancee’s soup had cracked chip on the soup jar which went into the soup and touched her tongue causing minor bleeding. I complained about it and nobody apologized at all, They gave a $15 discount for the meal but did not cover the soup which was the issue. Is it so hard to say I am sorry? A simple apology from anyone would have done it, but at the end, when the check came, they said they discounted $15. How would you have handled that?

I work in the biggest company at Poway, and I will relay the incident to all.

Response to review from Peter G., owner of Company Pub & Kitchen:

Dear John, after reading your review of Company Pub And Kitchen I decided to read what you had written about other restaurants you have visited. In one recent 5 star review you say – Quote “I am one of the pickiest guys when it comes to food” So because you start your review of CPAK with – Quote “Good Food” I will take that as a compliment and I thank you for it.

The rest of what you said regarding apologies and bad manners however is a complete and utter misrepresentation of the truth and I am struggling to understand just why you would publicly lie about the incident. First of all I am sure it was a shock to your fiancé when she discovered she had cut her tongue on something sharp in her soup – This was an unfortunate accident, one that could have occurred anywhere and I am sincerely sorry that it happened to her at CPAK.
You state – Quote ” I complained about it and nobody apologized at all”
Fact is John your server apologized immediately when you complained – she said words to the effect of Oh my God – sorry about that, let me take that away” – She then showed concern for your fiancé, offered a napkin, asked if there was anything she needed. Your fiancé said – no I’m fine.

Next, your server came to me – the owner – and explained what had happened, I told her to make sure to apologize and comp the lady’s entire lunch.

Your server checked on you when you received your salads and again when you were done eating them. When she presented you the check she AGAIN apologized for the incident and told you that we had deducted your fiancé’s lunch from the total….. We deducted $15.50 which is the cost of the Ahi salad AND the cup of soup – the same soup you said “was the issue” I am not sure why the word SORRY (twice) does not constitute an apology to you – or why deducting the entire lunch is not an action sufficient to prove the apology was sincere.

You ask the question – “How would you have handled that ?” Well the answer is in what is written above. Your server did everything she could to make this “minor bleeding” issue a non issue and you have chosen to not only lie about the incident but suggest that you will attempt to ‘punish’ us somehow by relaying the incident to those you work with….. This is the issue that really gets me het up and which determined this reply – and…I might add, that I feel I am replying on behalf of all the hard working restaurant workers who have to put up with such abuse of public review sites and deal with ‘over the top’ comments such as yours…

What arrogance on your part sir to intonate that because you “work in the biggest company at Poway” that your lunch mishap will somehow have a negative impact on this ‘small’ Poway business. How cruel that you would lie about a situation and then plot to hurt. Why would you do this??

We are a local restaurant, run by local people who work very hard to deliver a quality experience to our customers. You wish to portray us as unapologetic and uncaring – which could not be further from the truth. That server has been a restaurant professional for many years, she is a hard working and sweet person who did the right thing – how dare you try to tarnish her or this restaurants reputation. That server is also a human being and her natural and immediate reaction was to apologize and show concern for your fiancé . You, on the other hand should be ashamed of your reaction to the incident.

Please, I encourage you to share this incident with your “biggest company” co-workers, go ahead mention our name, I am sure we have many, many satisfied customers among them – just make sure they see this reply to your yelp so that they can see the TRUTH of the matter.
We reserve the right to refuse service.

You, John K, are not welcome here.

Dear Yelpers



From Caitlin G.:

Dear Yelpers,

Please, for the love of all things holy, stop describing every single place on the northwest side as “full of hipsters.” Seriously, it’s passed the point of annoying and is now occupying Shutthefuckupville. Because of your over-use of this word, it has come to simply embody any young adult that doesn’t dress preppy. If you prefer a place filled with girls in carpenter jeans, then go to your local construction site and stop wasting precious minutes when you could be drinking your PBR or fancy craft beer (you fucking hipster), judging the people around you. Most of the reviews about Cole’s are “full of hipsters but everyone is really nice.” Well if everyone is really nice, THE WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK what sub-group you decide to put AN ENTIRE BAR FULL OF PEOPLE IN TO. Jeeblets, Less Judgy, more drinky, that’s my policy.

I digress, Cole’s is great. Affordable beer, cheap pool, free live music, locally owned.

See? See how I just gave my opinion about a bar without over-generalizing an entire neighborhood?

Thank you for your time.

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