UPDATE at end of post

Even F-list celebs don’t always tip! MTV’s Teen Mom Jenelle Evans gets blasted by her waitress for leaving a $3.00 tip today at a Myrtle Beach T.G.I. Fridays…


The server posted this comment and receipt (shown below) on Twitter “So Jenelle from Teen Mom came in & ate today. She cussed out her ‘fiance’ the whole time & left me this. lol. The struggle is real ppl. LMAO!!”


UPDATE 10/26/2013

Jenelle Evans responds to the backlash she has received by tweeting a picture of how she tips for a “good waiter”…


Evans Tweets “And if you ARE a good waiter….Then this is how u get tipped from me.”

The photo shows a receipt with the total of $74.50 with two $5 bills laying on top of it.

Unfortunately a 13% tip is still a shitty tip. Nice try though Janelle. 😉