Mysterious “leaves” are appearing in Chipotle burritos throughout the country with no explanation. Americans are buzzled by the uninvited visitor destroying their precious appetites and are determined to find answers. They have turned to Twitter to express their confusion and outrage…until one good samaritan solves the case…

Come to find out, the “mysterious” intruder is, in fact, a bay leaf…and apparently 90% of the poplulation has no freaking idea what that is…

Chipotle uses bay leaves in their their beans, rice, Barbacoa, and Carnitas for a little thing some like to call “seasoning”.

Chipotle directly responds to these tweets on their website:

We remove the leaves from our rice before serving, though we’ve been known to miss one here and there. So, if you happen to catch a bay leaf in your bowl and think we’ve somehow served you a leaf of an oak tree “from outside”—your words, not ours—know that it’s actually the leaf of a plant called Bay Laurel.

So the next time you find a leaf in your Chipotle burrito, do not panic. Just leaf it alone.