So the waiter at my local Olive Garden hocked a loogie in my cappuccino yesterday…yes I am dead serious, he was totally busted because I pulled it out of my braces…but now I’m feeling feverish and sick, what do I do? What the hell kind of diseases can you get from something like that? And btw it was 100% undeserved on my part, no that it should matter, just saying. – feeling. sick

While I find this story completely disgusting, I find it extremely hard to believe. Who the hell finds a loogie in their drink and doesn’t immediately puke, flip the f*ck out, and then involve a manager? Instead this person waits till they get home to leave a calm comment on the restaurant’s Facebook page, claiming that they are feeling sick? And the only “proof” that this person has is that it got caught in their braces? Yes, everyone reacts differently to different situations, but…come on!

Considering the possible slight chance that this actually happened, I find it completely screwed up and disgusting if a server or cook messes with anyone’s food no matter how much of a pain in the ass they may be. It’s NEVER okay to do.

Excuse me while I go throw up from the thought of this happening…