aceA Letter From Crystal to Olive Garden:

We were Ace’s first table of the night. We held his table up for two hours trying to get Timothy to eat. Then the amazing things that took place after. I can never thank Ace enough for taking the time he did with Timothy. Ace never asked what was wrong. To the eye it just looked liked a little boy with an oxygen tank sitting beside him. He didn’t know the road Timothy has had to endure 55 surgeries, or that under his shirt there is a map of scars that show the fight Timothy has had to have to enjoy his life. Or the feeding tube that we are fighting to not have to use all day instead just remain with night feeds. Or that Timothy is so far from home on top of the pain he fights daily. Missing his Daddy and sisters. He also didn’t know the pain Timothy was in yesterday. Maybe to the eye Timothy just looked like a child who was throwing a temper tantrum not wanting to eat his food. I would like to believe this was God’s plan. With a simple card and a bracelet. Ace returned to our table to give Timothy a high five and to give his blessing to Timothy. He also not knowing Timothy’s journey said don’t stop believing!

It started as we went to leave Timothy asked for a picture with Ace. It then went to a hand shake which is where a arm wrestling game started where Ace ended in the floor of olive garden where the tables were full people were staring and even maybe a little upset because the laughter that came with it was loud and strong. Timothy started laughing so hard when Ace hit the floor I couldn’t help but smile. Timothy then jumped in Aces arms as he asked him to carry him to the car. Mommy had to stop at the potty. When I came out they had a arm match going on in the waiting area where the greeters were chanting for Timothy! It was a sight to see. Then on our way to the car things really got amazing this mama had to turn her back to hide the tears. Timothy was no longer crying in pain or wanting to go home instead he removed his oxygen and started running and playing. Ace spent almost 2 hours in the olive garden parking lot still not knowing the journey Timothy has had Or the mountains he has climbed or the hard road he has ahead. I said to Ace several times you are going to get in trouble if you don’t go back to work. He kept replying I don’t care I’m here as long as he needs me. Every time I would say okay Timothy you need to tell Ace bye, he would jump in his arms and say one more time please mama. They have made plans to go to zoo next time Ace is down this way. When it was time to leave Timothy was in tears holding Aces neck saying he is going with me or I’m going to his house. He is my best friend. A stranger no longer but my best friend instead. It’s amazing the turn of events that lead to this. Ace is truly a hero and he don’t even know it. Ace remains not knowing the scars Timothy has had to endure. This to me was God’s work. Timothy is counting sleeps till Wednesday where Ace said he would come visit Timothy. I don’t have a bunch to give. But I do have an army full of amazing warriors. Would you all help me by letting Olive Garden know they have the most amazing employee.

Olive Garden 1074
1010 Old Spanish Trail
Houston Texas 77054~1708


Donate to Timothy’s Fund HERE!

Donate to Timothy’s Fund HERE!