We went to the cheesecake factory at Baybrook in the Houston area in January. We were thee at 7pm and was told it would be 3 hours before we could get a table. WE LEFT.
We went to the same cheese cake factory tonight. We got there at 6:45. It was after 8:30 before we were seated. There were a bunch of us wanting to celebrate a birthday. It was after 8:30 before we got a table. It took the waiter 20 minutes to get out water and tea and start taking our orders. After 9pm we ask him about our food??? He said he would go check. We told him not to wait until all was ready to go ahead a start bringing it. He finally got the table set. I did not order because it was too late for me to eat. My husband ordered a mushroom burger and salad, not wanting to eat anything real heavy that late. We ask where his burger was. Would you believe the waiter forgot to order his. So we sat there and watched everyone else eat. They wanted to go get him something but it would have been after 10pm before he got served. FORGET IT! We will NEVER go back there again. NEVER. And I will tell this story to everyone we see. SERVICE was terrible. They kept seating people behind us. We kept asking and they kept saying we were next. WHEN NEXT YEAR. Cheesecake factory in BAYBROOK you get a “F”.


You wait 2 hours to be seated and then complain when you don’t get your food within 20 minutes…priceless…


Wait, so you weren’t seated until after 8:30, had “a bunch” of people in your party, and were already complaining about your food taking too long at 9? You’re a special brand of evil, aren’t you?