So today 10/16, I took my wife to Applebee’s on Baseline and Kyrene in Phx/Tempe area. This was my first time I have ever been there and I keep seeing the commercials so I was really looking forward to it. I’m am sad to say the only positive thing that I experience from the visit was the young lady that greeted us at the door! We were seated and Porter greeted us and asked us if he can start us off we 2 beers! First of all, I hate being stereotyped cause of our age and our look. But I don’t think that had anything to do with it cause I was wearing normal clothes and my wife was in business clothes. Never mind all that the fact that you assume everyone drinks is rude! He should of said can I get you folks anything to drink while you look over the menu? Like everyone else! We ordered Dr. Pepper and Pepsi, when they came we both tasted them and they tasted funny, maybe short on syrup or something. So he took them back and brought back 2 new ones and said they didn’t find anything wrong with the soda. He should of asked if we can get you anything else to drink other then the soda cause they couldn’t find anything wrong. So we were stuck with crappy soda. Next thing I have complain about is the lack of Vegetarian options. They wouldn’t even swap out a salad for a main entrée on the 2 for 20 option, FYI the salads were like 2 dollars cheaper!!! Then my wife ordered a salad and asked for extra, extra ranch. Remember that. So he left with our orders, 30mins later he came back. The salad had one cup half full of dressing, and he said “here is your salad with extra dressing”, I asked him for a extra cup of dressing. So he came back with another cup and this one was completely full! Come on dude! The food wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t that great either. My shrimp was over cooked and the green beans were undercooked. I ordered the shrimp and chicken meal that was new can’t remember the name cause I pointed to the picture lol. All and all I am very disappointed in the service I received and I don’t see myself returning to your restaurant again!