Back in September we posted about a Red Lobster waitress, Toni Christina Jenkins, who received a racist remark on a receipt from a customer. On the tip line “None N*gger” was written on the the customer’s receipt. Read story here: Racist Customer Left Check With ‘None N*****’ Written In Tip Section.

The customer in question, Devin Barnes, has now filed a lawsuit against Jenkins stating that he did not write the racist remark. Barnes says he and his wife went out to eat at Red Lobster on September 7th but due to a family emergency they had to switch their order to-go. He says he did not leave the waitress a tip and wrote “none” on the tip line, but did not write anything else.

jenkinsSince the incident went viral, Barnes told Nashville News that he has received several harassing messages and death threats from people all over the world in uproar about the receipt Jenkins posted on the internet. Jenkins was later suspended from Red Lobster over the incident. Many people who felt bad for the waitress started collecting donations online for Jenkins, raising over $10,000 for her.

Barnes has hired a Forensics Document Examiner to compare samples of his and his wife’s writing to the writing on the receipt. The examiner has concluded that Barnes nor his wife wrote the comment on the total line. Barnes plans to use this evidence and file a lawsuit against the waitress as well as Red Lobster.

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