So I just went to IHOP in fort Walton and had to change my baby’s diaper. There was weed ash and a lighter on the changing table. The manager acted like it was no big deal, dude didn’t even have have any spray or nothin, just squirted some hand sanitizer on a paper towel and assured me “none of these things are ‘clean’ it is a public bathroom” I was like “yeah, but I know what weed ash looks like and I’ve never seen some on a changing table”
But really man, you ain’t got spray? At a restaurant? You don’t spray *anything*?
I’m not usually the district manager calling type, but they’ll hear from me for sure.

I think weed ash is the least of your worries when it comes to a public changing table and what has touched it…just don’t let your kid eat any. 🙂