Arrived at 9:39 PM. Big mistake!!! First of all apparently late diners don’t get fresh salad. some of the lettuce was wilted and in the whole salad we counted 2 slices of tomato and 1 olive. Looked like leftovers!!
We told them when we arrived that my son was joining us and ordered his food so as to not hold them up. At 9:53 the server asked us what time my son was arriving because they were locking the doors at 10. I called him. He had taken a wrong turn and said he would be there a few minutes after 10. I let the server and the hostess know the update on his arrival time. At 10:02 my server informed me that they had locked the door and my son couldn’t come in. He arrived at 10:04. The manager absolutely refused to let him in……insisted that it was a security issue and she would lose her job if she let him in!!!
We left without eating…..
1.If this represents Darden policy….disempowering management to make any kind of individual judgement call, they have lost my respect AND business
2. I have owned a businesses for 28 years….. over 50 employees. If my management team would treat customers the way I was treated… we would not be in business anymore. Rules are guidelines- Empower your managers to make judgement calls in favor of your clients. What I asked… very nicely…was to make a small exception to company policy… exactly 4 minutes so I could enjoy dinner with my son who had driven in from Tallahassee to have dinner with me.
3. Isn’t this what Olive Garden is all about…. friends, family, celebration???? If you are going to advertise it……. JUST SAYIN!!!! Shame on you… now I know why Darden is losing out in the market
Leesburg, Fl Location